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Octagonal Settings in Melbourne

Every outdoor space needs a centrepiece that shines out and sets a vibe. An outdoor area is no longer a space decorated with a few plants and chairs. These spaces are now taken seriously by most people because they are also used for coffee meets and casual gatherings. Not just that, homeowners themselves want to use the outdoor space to the fullest for their morning routine and evening breaks. This has given rise to several new outdoor furniture trends and one of them is Octagonal settings in Melbourne.

Octagonal settings in Melbourne are highly preferred for outdoor spaces because in this setting everyone sitting at the table can face each other, it`s a social table. Moreover, this table setting also offers good legroom underneath which makes it more comfortable.

At Kwila Timber Products, we offer several outdoor tables including octagonal settings. Our Octagonal setting creations are made from premium-quality timber that comes fully sanded, oiled, and assembled. We use stainless steel screws for our Octagonal settings in Melbourne to make sure our creations get no rust. With the use of high-quality timber, your octagonal setting from Kwila Timber Products will also remain free from rotting!

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Octagonal Setting

Octagonal Setting